Initiative is a key feature of Rawy Abu Dhabi, which represents a priority for the Abu Dhabi in a form of an objective, goal, or a program such as promoting education, monitor economic development, capacity and access to mosques, preventing pedestrian deaths, etc.

Rawy Abu Dhabi already contains many ongoing initiatives published to inform and engage the community. Each initiative is comprised of a set of templates, data, dashboards and geospatial applications, allowing the concerned parties to present their common interests in an easy-to-use form.

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Security, Justice and Safety
Infrastructure and Environment
Economic Development
Economic Development
Government Affairs
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The Emirate’s vision for the social development describe a society characterized by the provision of world-class healthcare, education and other services, where individuals (both National and expatriate) are valued and their unique skills and contributions are ethically leveraged toward achieving a better quality of life for all.

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The Emirate’s vision for Security, Justice and Safety is to maintain the standard of security that has made Abu Dhabi one of the world’s safest modern cities and ensure for the continuing safety of the Emirate as it continues to grow as a consequence of planned economic expansion. It is to ensure a safe and stable society, to keep crime low, and to contribute to the delivery of justice in a way that secures and maintains public confidence. It is to protect consumers in the area of food safety, hygiene and quality promoting the Emirate to be recognized internationally as a world-class authority on food safety.

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The Emirate’s vision for infrastructure and environment policies is to ensure economic and industrial development in Abu Dhabi is delivered in a sustainable way, with the highest standards of community safety and a protected natural environment.

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The Emirate’s vision for Economic Development is to foster and promote a dynamic open economy, characterized by a vibrant diversity and by transparency and sound governance.

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The Emirate’s vision for Government Affairs is to ensure that policy areas that not necessarily fits within the confined structures of portfolios, agencies and departments will be managed effectively. These whole-of-government issues require coordinated policies to be implemented consistently across multiple departments and agencies and warrant a dedicated, whole-of-government approach.

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Rawy Abu Dhabi provides a single point of access for geospatial information and map services which allow contributors and guests to see and use the data within their own context. Data sharing will allow Government, Academia, Private Sector and Citizens to collaborate and create innovative environments, promote new ideas, and develop new initiatives, which will all contribute in the sustainable, safe and secure growth of the Emirate.

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